the seasons of friendship

We are five days into the new year, Winter Solstice has passed and we are once again headed toward days of longer light. The shift from darkness to light is so subtle that, on a daily basis, we may not even be aware of this gradual lengthening of our days, even though we know it is happening. A little over five years ago at Thanksgiving, I got The Call. My lifelong friend had been in a terrible auto accident and her husband (who was also my friend since my teens) did not make it. That my friend survived at all was a miracle. Writing this today brings back all of the emotion of that terrible time of grief and unknowing, as well as the gift of knowing that my friend not only survived, but has a rich life filled with friends, family, opportunity and love.
I count myself the most fortunate of women when it comes to my two lifelong best friends. I met Dianne at the bus stop in 1964 on the first day of middle school. My other pal, Syl was in my choir class and happened to sit next to me. We are a very diverse trio, bonded by the common denominators of shared experiences, respect and a commitment to ‘be there’ for each other. We have shared every significant life passage/experience and our 46+year friendship is a blessing beyond words. We meet monthly for a champagne lunch and have taken an annual gal-pal getaway trip together for almost 30 years.
Caring for our relationships is perhaps the greatest and deepest spiritual practice. The intimacy we share with others is the stepping stone for personal growth and indeed (to me) our relationship with the God of our hearts is reflected and expressed in those relationships.
I am pulled to recommit myself in this new year to continue to strive to be a light bearer to my circle of family and friends. It is my wish that I remember daily to ‘welcome with warmth and generosity’. I wish each of you a new year with a heightened awareness of the importance of our bonds of intimacy with others as viewed through the clear light of your deepest values.
As e.e.cummings once wrote, “be of love, a little, more careful than of anything else.”

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5 Responses to the seasons of friendship

  1. Jacolyn Green says:

    Your view and expression of life is a gift to all!


  2. Terri Tucker-Raplh says:

    Light bearer…I like that. Beam on, Shine on. What a wonderful way for you to share your light Penny. Your words are rays of light.


  3. Sylvia Hendricks says:

    Just checking into your blog this evening, Pen…it’s been a few days. But the ‘seasons of friendship’ brought me to tears, my friend. What a blessing you have been and will always continue to be in my life. WRITE ON!!!


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