Another Trip Around The Sun

Today is my birthday.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.

I woke up this morning thinking about a few things relative to age, specifically my age. I’ll start with the house we all live in as human beings–our bodies. I like my body and have had a great deal of pleasure in it as is over the years. That being said, there are those last 10+ lbs I’d like to release, and there is that weight training program I’d like to pursue to complement my walking practice… I have no deep desire to return to my 20’s (OK, on occasion), but do want to remain the healthiest, strongest and best me I can be at the age that I am. Next up for reflection is the face. My face. Overall, I think I have weathered the years pretty well. Not too wrinkly, straight teeth (and all of them my own) blue-gray eyes that remind me of my pop and the sea, and a lot of those really great eye crinkles in the corner of my eyes that only come after years of smiling and laughter.  I can still see the fire in those eyes and a bit of attitude as well. I never understand why people get so crazy about the so-called “crows-feet”. I consider them a visible badge representing a life well lived. Behind that face and inside my head lives a whole other world aka, Penny’s Circus and Playground. This wonderland has kept me amused and entertained for many years. Only a handful of folks have ever been inside the main tent…*Lucky Them*

We are now officially into murky water as we travel a bit further south on the face and into the Land of the Slightly Drooping Jawline. Talk about irrefutable visible proof of the Law of Gravity! I read( and loved) Nora Ephron’s hysterical book, I Feel Bad About My Neck  years ago. I was younger then. Now I get it. Oh well, love me, love my neck and all my other jiggley bits.

Next up is not really gender specific, but I think that the ladies may resonate to the topic a bit more than you fellows. You know where I’m going, right? H A I R. For conversational topics that have tenure,HAIR is right up there with God, Sex and Relationships. The happy thing is, I still have hair. I am grateful for every follicle on my head. The History of my Hair (or Hairstory) is epic, but probably not that unusual. MY hair has been so long I could sit on it and it has been an inch long (or short, whatever). I was a hair model for about 8 months in the early 70’s for the Gene Juarez Studios. *Gene was/is kind of a big hairy deal in the PNW. I was shaved, snipped, clipped and dyed within an inch of my life (yes, it was THAT inch mentioned above) I do not miss these days or the grow out that followed some of the more exotic ‘do’s. I have been pony-tailed, braided, French-twisted, with bangs and bang free. I am always slightly curly, and, given any degree of length and humidity, have my own version of a white woman’s “Fro”. It is not attractive. At some lengths I have an enviable flip, no curlers required, that looks like I am ready for take-off.

For many of us women-of-a-certain-age, there comes a time when we find ourselves considering the following question: Will we  or won’t we color our hair? What follows is a confession of sorts. I have found a way to sit comfortably (and somewhat unexpectedly) on the coloring fence of commitment. Two words: Low Lights. Now you know, and you thought it looked so natural… LowLights put me halfway between two worlds. My earth-goddess, all natural, 100% organic, post cool, past hippie chick loves the gray. The only-her-hairdresser-knows-for-sure sister loves the color. Speaking of color, I succumbed to a random color whim a week ago. The back story on this color caving is as follows; my gene pool is chock-a-block with natural-born red-heads. I am not one of them. A blonde at birth, most of the rest of my (uncolored) hair life was that indeterminate light brown color that nobody ever wrote a song for. So, spurred on by all of the images of the spunky redheads that I have known, I decided to add a few streaks of dark red to the mix. Hey, you know what? I really liked it. Who knows where this may lead me…

While I do spend time contemplating the externals, with humor mostly, I also spend much time thinking about the internal parts of myself and just how I show up in this juicy life on a daily basis.

My markers for a really good day include feeling like I have made choices that left me feeling more alive, choices that were a bit out of my comfort zone, that pushed me into learning new ways of thinking and being, being grateful and as kind and accepting as I was capable of with and to all of the things that came my way that day.

I tend to love things and people fiercely. My speeds seem to be either full on or totally off. You will probably always know how I feel about you. This may cause discomfort for some (including myself). I really don’t like to tone myself down, but at the same time I know folks can get freaked out by a full on dose of me that has not had a wee bit of editing. *Sigh* I am a work in progress, as are we all.

I have an illustrated quote card that says, “We are put on earth a little space to learn to bear the beams of love.”William Blake.

Thank you for Beaming at me and for being a part of my happy birthday.

I love you, you know.

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1 Response to Another Trip Around The Sun

  1. Laurie Daven says:

    Beaming back to you, Penny! An enjoyable dish of wisdom and wit you have given away here, perhaps as your annual “birthday gift” (my nod to the previous post). And to the seemingly endless list of things we have discovered in common, please add that I, too, was a hair model for a stylist named Gene. Late 70’s to early 80’s, but close enough. ❤


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