Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

Oooh La La, PICKLES! What is there about the juxtaposition between sweet and sour that titillates the taste buds? I love pickles and confess right up front that I am not discriminating in my pickle passion. Any pickle I am eating is my favorite. Does this make me fickle? I have made pickles at home for almost four decades and there are not many fruits or veggies that I have not thrown in a brine at one time or another. Chutneys count as a pickle in my book too, as they also tickle all part of the tongue with their amazing and exotic meld of flavors.

Now I bet you are thinking that this intro will segue into a recipe or a how -to-pickle primer. Nope. What I really want to talk about today are people. I realized years ago that all of the people I find myself most smitten with have some blend of sugar and spice that lifts them above the ordinary. These are the friends, loves and family who bring their zesty selves into our lives and lift us all  by their proximity and total offering of self. These are the people who risk showing up as the fullness of themselves because they know that the whole enchilada of self is all we have to give to one another. They dare to be colorful, bold, happy, sad, forward, gracious, sexy, passionate, funny, smart and most of all, unapologetically REAL. These are the people who will never bore you because they are never bored or boring. If I had to spend the rest of my life on an island you can bet I would be hoping for one of these people to be there too. These folks naturally bring the gift of surprise with them. Keeping surprise close at hand is a good thing. There is magic in not knowing what is going to happen and surprise also carries with it the idea of surrender.  I could write a whole other blog about surrender and probably will, but for now I will just say that it is good to practice surrender–particularly surrender to love. If we could just get it into our chainmail-plated hearts that the attraction part, the juicy bits of living part, is moved forward exponentially when we let the ‘sweets and sours’ of our authentic selves blend.

 I  like to keep people guessing about me. I have a button that reads, “Why Be Normal?” Perfection is highly over-rated and is not the ticket to a sublime life. I like it when things are a bit hard to pin down. I love it when my stereotypes are challenged and I strive to break away stereotypes held by others of who and what I am. This is not a theatrical act, it is an intentional walk to let all parts of me show up in this world.

*True story: I was almost not accepted to Seminary when I applied. I had decided that no matter how great my desire was to enter the program, I could only do it as my genuine self. To say that I was outside of the norm is an understatement. The psychologist said he had never met anyone like me and the team who was assessing me really did not know what to do with my sugar and spice, outside the box self. Happily for me there were a few folks who had known me for 20+ years who were able to assure the folks that, yes, this is how I always was. Thanks, Margie. Thanks, Kathy. Thanks, Victoria. 

The Tarot has a card called the Holy Fool. I love that card –it invites us to live and love with all of our faucets turned on high-with the sweet and sour parts of us in balance. When I think of words to describe a really stellar pickle, LUSCIOUS and SUCCULENT are a couple that fit. They would also describe people who I am attracted to.

 I will continue to try and show up as the most real me that I can be. How about you? Do you  dare to risk letting go of what others may think and just enjoy the Wonder and Delight of the blend of sugar and sass that is inside you?.

May we each be an unexpected surprise and delight to someone today!

A nd, I am making pickles today,Penny’s Pickled Prune Plums. Say that 10 times…


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