Three words

Right Angle Turns. That is what I am thinking about today. Right angle turns are those times when you are proceeding along at a comfortable pace and WHOOSH, all of a sudden you find  your direction has changed AND–this is the really big deal here–NOBODY asked for your input first.  So, now what? What are you going to do? Seems like we have a daily choice about just how we are going to show up in this world. If we believe we live in a benevolent universe, then we stretch, reset the sails and go with the flow, knowing that all manner of things will  be well no matter that it looks different from how we thought it would look, or is not unfolding in the way we thought it would. We make the necessary adjustments and head out with a measure of peace.

OR–or we could do just the opposite, which might entails a great deal of WHAT THE HECK?!?, denials, complaints, poor-me-ing, victimhood by choice, no-way-Jose-ing, squawking and general flapping about in a tizzy fit. Having been both places, I can attest to the fact that the former approach is the higher road here, and much less tough on one’s body and spirit.

Going with the flow here while I try out a double handed window washer wave from the front window on this rainy Wednesday.

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