reflecting on the possibilities

Hello and happy 2015, traveling beauties.
In the fall of 1989 Louise Hay gave a talk titled, “The Totality of Possibilities” and in it she discussed the importance of giving ourselves permission to release old fears, patterns and beliefs. She said that when we could do that, we would realize that our perception of a limited set of possibilities available to us was only a fantasy. The truth of our human situation was that we always have an infinite number of possibilities to choose from. Ms. Hay called this “the totality of possibilities.”
What I hope for each of us on the first day of this freshly minted year is that every story we tell and every story we hear will rise up to bless us and somehow contribute to the healing of the world. May our hearts be softened and held wide open to invite in all the possibilities the coming year has to offer.
*Waving with the welcome mat out for new beginnings. Today my heart is grateful for the sun as it rises and sets, for the wind that sings in the trees and for the air I breathe and for the many glorious hearts that share this day with me…

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