“There is no more toilet paper in here!”

This was the phrase that came ringing through the closed bathroom door when our two 1/2 year old grandchild was concentrating on a site specific task in there this morning. Most of us have come upon the same unhappy discovery at least once in our lives and have needed to take steps to remedy the situation as quickly as possible; some of us have even been forced to call upon nearby strangers to help us.
I have observed that we all have unplanned occurrences in our daily lives which we may find awkward, embarrassing and even a bit unpleasant. Most of these situations are not life-threatening and are the things we simply learn to deal with as they arise, soldering on in-spite-of. They are also the things that we would most likely never consider intentionally including in our daily planning if we had a choice.
There is something in this tale that reminds me that planning can only take one so far on the journey, whether we are thinking about a potential major life change or something more modest. Over-thinking every detail of our days and worrying about every possibility ( what if this, what if that…) will put you on the crazy train in a hurry, and the bold truth is, we CANNOT control it all.* I said that last piece for myself, as I still need frequent reminders*
It is a humbling practice learning to ask for help from others, and it seems far easier for many to give aid than to receive it.
Perhaps the next time we find ourselves beached and TP-less in a strange place and we have no recourse but to rely on the kindness of others, we will realize that it is really not such a bad thing after all.
Finally, if it would help to ease your mind, you could also BYOTP. Easy, peasy, simple and TA DAH– you’re covered.
*Waving your way with a don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff wave and a reminder that it is always good to check the TP status before you commit yourself.

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2 Responses to “There is no more toilet paper in here!”

  1. rebekahlang says:

    i like your brain.


  2. and I like YOUR brain, dear Rebekah…


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