Liebster Award Nomination=Say What??

So, here we are again with the old doggies and new tricks scene. Yep. There are those days where we find ourselves puttering along in a comfy mode and SHAZAAM, a right angle turn drops down trailing a redirection notification. Mine came today via an email from a lovely and talented lassie by the name of Rebekah Lang, who has gifted me with the honorary title of Mama Bird and her friendship. Rebekah and I GET each other and I would imagine that some folks would see us as one of the many flavors of an-odd-couple-of-pals. We are separated not only by geographic distance, but decades, and yet we just flow with ease and sweetness when we connect. Must be a love thing.

So today Ms. Rebekah and the Universe at large have conspired to STRETCH me with a nomination for a Liebster Award. So many new things out there that I have No Clue about and, if pressed, I would venture to say I have a pretty solid seat on the old school bus as I had never heard of this award until today. I adore Rebekah and I honor and respect her work, as well as her judgments. If nothing else, I am delighted that she has found value in some of my writing. OK, I’m jumping in. Be forewarned that there may be some shocking revelations and more than a smidge of irony in what follows.  Getting this nomination means that I have to answer 11 questions that Rebekah has presented me with and then share 11 random and ‘fun’ facts about myself. Finally, I get to nominate another site for inclusion in this process.

Question #1. You are stuck on a desert island with only five games for the rest of time ( or until you are rescued) Which do you choose?

OK, we might as well get the Big Reveal out and over with at the beginning of this post. Ready?   *This is slightly embarrassing* –I have never, not even ONCE, played a video game; unless you count the five minutes that my now adult children tried to teach me Super Mario Brothers, back in 1990-something. Wow, I might be feeling a bit light-headed from the huge intake of air being sucked in communal disbelief.  That is Truth I am speaking, brothers and sisters, so on to the answer now.  My five games would be, in no particular order: Cribbage, Scrabble, Chess ( I would have to learn this one first, so that would tick away a few boring island hours), Banana-grams and The Dictionary Game.

#2. What is your worst gaming pet peeve?

Nada on the gaming, but you better NOT let me catch you cheating at a board game OR ELSE. You cheaters are putting your place in the circle of love at peril. * You know who you are and I have my eye on you*

#3.How do I choose my topics?

Random selection, baby. I wake up and see who has signed a spot on my dance card for the day.

#4. Do you try and hit a certain word count on your blog or wing it?

This Mama Bird wings it.

#5. What one weird talent do you have that no one would expect ?

I can cross my little toes without using my hands. I know, slightly creepy. Good thing I usually have shoes on.

#6. You are going to Disneyland–what do you do first?

After I buy the ticket, I would take the ride ( apologies to Hunter Thompson)  * Pirates Of The Caribbean*

#7.You have to be immersed in one game world for a day, which do you choose and why?

If they ever make a game world out of the Japanese manga comic, Buddha, that is the world for me. I picked this one as I think I might find Rebekah in there to visit with and I like the graphics.

#8.What is your favorite place you have visited and why?

PLEASE don’t make me choose. I am one of those people who think that every place that they visit is the best, top of the heap, never-to-be beaten out by any other–until I see the next place. I have traveled many places and love them all. I am most at home in the natural world.

#9. If you could be a lead singer for a known band at a huge concert for a day, which would it be and why?

I would choose the old Fleetwood Mac when Stevie Nicks was singing for them –I do not have her voice, but I share her range. * Landslide*

#10. Carpet or Hardwood.

No contest: Hardwood for the GOLD!

#11. Someone has to do a formal painting of you; what do you wear and how do you pose? Inside or outside?

I would be outside wearing one of my vintage outfits and a hat; maybe standing by a bench and holding some garden gloves and  a shovel. Urban Gothic…

*****************11 Random things about myself

1. I wanted to be  pirate when I was a child.

2. I am actually quite shy sometimes.

3. I have a great memory for visual detail and think I would make a good detective.

4. I can usually guess the plot of a movie in the first 15 minutes. A SERIOUS LY annoying skill unless I keep it to myself. * Sorry girlfriends and family members.

5. I have had  a vegetable garden every year for the last 42 years.

6. I have never had a traffic ticket.

7. I have a wicked wit and a wacky sense of humor.

8. I am copy-catting Rebekah Lang in my hatred of tacky overhead lighting.

9. One of my favorite things to do is to read aloud to people, complete with loads of voices.

10. When my children were young I would make up silly songs about everything to entertain them.

11. I still need recess every day.

Now for my nomination I am going to circle back round and point my finger back in the direction from whence it came. Ms. Rebekah this one’s for you:

The Questions:

#1. Why? * I have always wanted to know*

#2. Who is one of the kindest people you have ever met?

#3. Where was your special hiding place when you were a child?

#4. Do you think there is life on another planet?

#5. What is one of your favorite colors? Why?

#6.  Who is one of your heroes?  Why?

#7. How is your life different than it was a year ago?

#8. Name a fad from the decade you were born.

#9. Beach, mountains,  or desert?

#10. What was a favorite kid-hood book?

#11. What would you eat for your last meal if you could choose?

Thank you, peachcake R.  for being the very one you are and helping me keep in the flow. Today I  yield to something new and remember that there is always a place where we can find ourselves MORE than ourselves. Waving from my little corner of the planet…


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2 Responses to Liebster Award Nomination=Say What??

  1. rebekahlang says:

    aw nuts, i meant to change those gaming questions for you. how about this? what if we alter the game related questions substituting books for games? if you have time, and feel like going back to those questions (numbers 1, 2, and 7), i’d love to hear your answers!

    i love learning these things about you. well, really, i love learning anything about you. you are easily one of the most magical, spiritual, and all around bestest people anyone could hope to know. i’m just grateful i do.

    Liked by 1 person

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