Reading Sugar

Hello, travelers. Coffee hour this morning is with Ms. Cheryl Strayed (aka, Sugar) and her book, “tiny beautiful things–Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar.”It is not a book for everyone but it is the kind of book that will shake you up and make you blink. It is the kind of book that just might save your soul.

I loved it. There are some passages on dog-eared pages that I read and reread because they are so human; these are billboard worthy passages that would stop even the most callous being for a second look.

This is one of my favorites:

“Withholding who you are distorts reality. It makes the people who do the withholding ugly and small-hearted. It makes the people from whom things are withheld crazy and desperate. Don’t be strategic or coy. Strategic and coy are for jackasses.  Be BRAVE. Be Authentic.  Practice saying the word “love” to the people you do love so when it matters the most to say it, you will. We are all going to die, so hit the iron bell like it is dinnertime and GO for it.”

*Waving with a ring-a-ding-ding on this first Friday in November.

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3 Responses to Reading Sugar

  1. A.C. says:

    I just started it and was thinking about blogging about this very quote myself! I’m highlighting many passages.

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    • My book is FILLED with yellow and pink highlights as well as margin notes. * Do not judge me for being one of THOSE people who write in paperbacks. Lifelong habit.
      Blog on the passage, little sister! It is multiple blog worthy.
      Hugs from afar, P.


  2. Rebekah Lang says:

    It’s one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. I can’t tell you how many copies I’ve sent to people for any number of reasons. She is brave and raw and honest and I respect all those things.


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