Morning, travelers. We live in a world filled with acronyms. Confession: I do not claim to know what even a small percentage of them mean; when texting I spell out the whole word. I have embarrassed my adult children by asking  what certain acronyms mean. I was taught to read by sounding out words. This can be a tortuous hell when you find yourself trying to sound out a word that you later ( sometimes much later) realize is not a word at all, but an acronym. ROTFLMAO is a great example of one rabbit hole I went down; rot-flame-ah-o simply did not fit into any logical context for me.

Fine, whatever right? But here’s the thing–what I really love about acronyms is making up my own; few things can brighten up a lagging conversation like a dash of freshly hatched acronyms. Most of my personally created acronyms are intentionally frivolous but some of them are what I like to think of as, “AWAM,” or acronyms with a message. BYS is a great example of an AWAM.

This morning I am thinking about those infamous BYS words. These are the words that come flying out of your mouth; those definitive, declarative statements said with conviction. These are the words that fly around the ethers for awhile then come back to bite you in the booty when you least expect it.

BYS= But You Said. When BYS comes up in a conversation or debate, the folks who toss it into the mix are usually trying to prove a point. Some of us may try and shield ourselves from the boomerang effect of BYS by choosing to keep much of what we think and feel to ourselves, thereby hoping to avoid the possibility of it popping up it altogether. If no one knows what you think or if you have changed your mind, they can never call you out on it. This is a safe but not very engaged stance.  I once read that president Lincoln would respond to hecklers who used the BYS tact by saying something like, “I may have said that yesterday, but I am smarter today then I was then.”

*Reflecting this morning on the great gift of being able to change my mind and maybe even contradict myself on occasion. Waving your way from the PNW while I bend and flex and flow and, hopefully, grow.

Ta for now…

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1 Response to B.Y.S.

  1. Rebekah Lang says:

    ROFL is one of the only modern slangy acronyms that I love. It sounds funnier as an acronym than it does said the long way (rolling on the floor laughing). It sounds like something a muppet would say.


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