Fun People

Wanda Wallenda ( of the Flying Wallenda’s) once said that, “Being a Fun Person is the  hallmark of true maturity.”

Fun people are on my mind today; we all need a few of them in our lives. Being a fun person does not, in my mind, involve whoopee cushions, joy buzzers, playing mean practical jokes or infer a shallow or frivolous nature. That being said, here are some things I notice that show up repeatedly in people I would call fun:

  1. Someone who is interested in many things.
  2. A person with a good appetite.
  3. A great capacity for laughter and a witty sense of humor.
  4. Observant with fresh and interesting insights.
  5. People who ask questions and are curious about the How and Why of things.
  6. Pays attention to the small details.
  7. Knows that anywhere and anything can be a starting place.
  8. Thinks that most EVERYTHING is or can be interesting.
  9. Notices patterns and makes connections.
  10. Lives a bold and brave life by just being the very one they are.

I would also include people who have learned the art of real conversation and the ability to listen and express genuine interest in the lives of those around them.

If you want to attract Fun People into your life it is important to strive to keep yourself interesting as well. I think a dash of silly works well in the mix, but there are not too many adults who can cozy up to silly on a regular basis and feel comfortable. There is something satisfying about being ( or knowing) the one who can tell you where Clyde Peelings Reptiland is, should you ever find yourself in Allentown, PA. with some extra time on our hands. NOTE: Check out the book, “Roadside Attractions In America.”

All pursuits of fun need a few guidelines and boundaries, for without them the potential for getting lost, hurt or shunned are greatly magnified; mine are knowing where and when to stop and make sure to harm nothing and no one along the way. I have  learned that young children are masterful teachers in the game of learning to be a (more) fun person, and encourage hanging out with them on a regular basis.  I think  many adults feel that we are just too BUSY, COOL, SOPHISTICATED, EDUCATED, URBANE or OLD to cultivate fun in our worlds.  Nonsense. Stop that right now.  My RX for a happy life is to try to have some fun on a daily basis, learn to keep surprise close at hand and to expect the unexpected. Yeah, time for those Baby Fun Steps.

Waving and smiling from my own fun little corner of the world and thinking about what Wanda Wallenda said.




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