Everyone of us needs someone who is willing to go looking for us if we go missing in the Sea of Sorrow.

I read the most heart opening article on grief and loss in The Sun magazine last year titled, “The Geography of Sorrow,” written by  Francis Weller,  psychotherapist and author.  Grief, loss and sorrow and how we humans cope with them is a topic that I have read about and privately researched for years. This has been a challenging year and many people  are struggling to negotiate that particular lonely landscape of grief by themselves and it is a fact that the coming holiday season may serve to compound the feelings of anxiety and separation. Mr. Weller wrote brilliantly about how it is impossible to think your way through grief. He said that you must have a personal interaction with it and by doing so will you find the right amount of attention and separation from it. This action will help to turn it into something that will serve your life instead of being the thing that completely undoes you.  There are great depths to be plumbed in this topic, and, while it is not an easy one to negotiate, I believe it is more important than most of us can ever know in the great scope of our lives.  Mr. Weller wrote, “Only if we learn to grieve can we keep our hearts responsive and do the difficult work of restoring and repairing the world.”

I love this quote from Rachel Naomi Remen, who is one of my many mentors, “Our deep listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts in another person.”

Let the healing, repairing and the restoration begin…


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